Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Rambling Thoughts ... Div

Getting from Here to There subsection:
I'm spending a couple of hours a day now traversing between the beltways to be with the Goose Girl. She's improving and every day I see a new bit of her progress on the road to recovery. It's still a long road though.
It's interesting seeing Baltimore from the perspective of the 'lil car and not from the truck. I guess since I don't have passengers, I am allowed to yell at the idiots that inundate our highways and by-ways.
WTF is so hard about "Right (or Left) Lane Closed Ahead (or 1500 feet or 1/2 Mile) ??" It ain't like it's written in Serbo-Croatian or Arabic, eh ??? Maybe I'm the possessor of magic glasses that instantly translate it into English and I don't notice.
I always told my pax that Merging is a lost art; and Yielding is a sign of weakness. Boy, does that ever contribute to gridlock !
And why does it seem that the more expensive or higher performance the car; the worse the skills of its operator ??
I guess after more than 50 years and a million miles behind the wheel I can only wonder where a huge group of the vehicle (mis) operators learned their skills. My Father, now deceased, is still the best driver I've ever known and I was always on my best behavior when he was in the right seat.

Please, Tell Me Again Why   subsection:
Along the way, I keep hearing the all-news, weather, traffic and sports stations break in with THE VOICE OF DOOM announcing "now, the latest on the Syrian Crisis !!"
What crisis ?? They're having a Civil War. There are two sides that want to participate in the war and get to be in charge when it's over; and one side that just wants enough clean food and water and a warm place, out of the wind and rain, to shit. Each side is further divided into religious and/or ideological factions concerned with what's God's real name and/or how many times you have to bow when praying (or something equally as inane and stupid) and are busy killing each other in a variety of ways - some more efficient than others - and killing a lot of the non-caring, non-participants (that would probably like toilet paper also) in the process.
Nobody can really say who's who ; or what's what; or I Don't Know (.....third base!) and there sure as hell ain't nobody selling scorecards that make any sense and there ain't no instructions on how to mark the balls and strikes.

The one thing EVERYBODY (at least all the Very Important People ) are saying is that WE (that's US) have to do something because ....... well, because .... because we just have to !!!  "Just Because" seems like a pretty silly reason to further expend our blood and treasure (that what hasn't already been tragically wasted in the past ten years). And it makes even less sense to keep putting it on the credit card. No swingin' dick runnin' their mouth has even brought up that point yet.

I have yet to hear anyone state just why the Syrian Civil War has anything that may affect the national security of the USA. Please, please don't give me the "we got to stop them over there, etc" bullshit from the GWB adventures.
If you've been listening to any of the rhetoric of the "bomb 'em all" folks over the past ten years, MUSLIMS are the boogeymen and the root of all evil in today's world and we need to rid the world of this menace.  Hey, has anyone noticed, these are Muslims killing Muslims !! Isn't that making "our" job a lot easier ??? Don't any of you rubes have the guts to say that ??

So much for this rant. At least the folks here at Hopkins know what they're doing and don't bullshit me when I ask a question.

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