Monday, July 30, 2012

Situational Awareness ....... div

For as long as I can remember, I was taught to pay attention to what was happening around me.
Whether it was hiking with my Dad, riding my bike in city traffic, driving, flying, paddling a kayak or just walking down the street; my head is on a swivel and my eyes are always moving, my ears and nose are engaged in helping to evaluate the surroundings. What you learn as a kid sticks with you, keeps you alive and (relatively) safe. I guess those of us that practice this could be called survivors.

We have a new class of folks with us now. Probably the best name for them is VICTIMS (or maybe Prey).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shipwreck div - - Military subsection

At 0014 hours today in 1945, the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed and sunk by the Japanese.
Though  not completely accurate, it's one of the best monologues I've ever heard.
The late Robert Shaw, from Jaws

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A little Saturadday nite Bluegrass .............. div

Ronnie McCoury on the mandolin, Robbie on banjo, Jason Carter on fiddle. Alan Bartram, bass
Del, he's just called Dad ( the one with the guitar).

Friday, July 27, 2012

.... and now, the copycats div

Guess this jamoke won't be buying any weapons or ammo in the future, eh ???
What's next ??????

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sadly, a Little Mid-Week Bluegrass div

I was traveling in May and missed the news that Doug Dillard had passed away.
Aside from The Dillards, he did some excellent work with Gene Clark and later, John Hartford (sadly gone too).

Penalties div

Well, now that the NCAA has decided to hold Penn State accountable for the oversights (or lack thereof) of its administration in the worship of football; and now that the State of Pennsylvania has decided to send a high-ranking priest to jail for failing to stop child predators; maybe the time is ripe to finally do something about the banks, eh ??
Sure, we can fine them (already have), but how 'bout some real penalties ???
 Maybe HBSC and Barclay's US operations can be banned from participating in programs like FDIC protection. That would sure encourage folks to get their savings out, eh ?? Not to mention having HBSC officials investigated and tried under the Homeland Security statutes for aiding and abetting terrorism. I'm sure the Barclay's crowd used some form of communication amongst themselves - how 'bout wire fraud ??
Time we start making the penalties fit the crime, not allowing them to merely be a cost of doing business.

Monday, July 23, 2012

"Bang, You're Dead" div

When I was growing up, we played "Cowboys and Indians." We routinely "shot" each other with a stick of wood (used as a rifle) or our hand ( accompanied by suitable sound effects). We also played "Marines and Japs" and the occasional "Cops and Robbers."
No one ever seemed to die, you were only wounded and miraculously rose up to fight again. All were accompanied with lots of running, stooping, bending, crawling and iutilizing any and all available cover. I believe the greatest benefit was the exercise.
Even many of the early TV shows rarely ever showed a fatal shooting (them that "bit the dust" - like from the six-gun of Matt Dillon- were never shown). There was never the portrayal of the outcome of violence that we see today. Woundings (causing the "bad guy" to drop his weapon) were common, and it was always "obvious" that "right" prevailed.
Probably the worst thing many of my generation ever saw (until Vietnam) were the explicit, gory, accident photos shown one day in Driver's Ed (and the girls were allowed to leave if they wanted).
Kids today have access to so much more gratuitious violence than I can ever remember. I can't imagine how that can't help but affect the view of life.
I'm sure that there will be all kinds of pleas, studies, sermons, and polls on the whole business of Aurora/Columbine/Safeway/Virginia Tech and on and on and on ... with "do you think ........"
I'm sure the figures can be skewed any way the writer's own feelings flow.
Let's get a few things straight.........
I'm a gun owner and have owned a firearm most of my adult life. I buy ammunition on the internet. I shoot at least twice a month. I carried a weapon almost every day of my military career. I belong to the NRA (the gun insurance is great). I enjoy the discipline that shooting makes me exercise. I have been trained in the use and application of "deadly force."
Despite all that, I still believe that owning a firearm is a privlege and a responsibility. I don't believe that someone needs a 30-round magazine for deer hunting or plinking rats at the dump (probably not a lot of that anymore) just as I believe that not everyone is suited for gun ownership.
Robert Heinlein (the Science Fiction writer) always proposed that "and armed society is a polite society," and advocated universal ownership and carry. Think about this the next time you cut someone off in traffic or cut in front of them at the supermarket.
Pundits and others are already bringing up the "what ifs" concerning some "citizen" subduing the gunman in Aurora. Right. Dark theatre, black clothing, body armor. I'm sure John Q would have simply added to the confusion and injury total  - -  and the outcome would have been the same. Life ain't a movie. It certainly worked out well in Arizona, eh ??
If we are going to wave around the Second Amendment, then why not make everyone who wants a gun sign up for the "militia?" It wouldn't have to be formal military service, but you would be required to maintain your weapon and its security. You would be subject to inspection of its use, maintenance  and storage. If it's mis-used, you would be subject to penalties.
As an update to the last graph, let's classify gun owners: militia and terrorists. If you ain't registered as a militia member, you must be a terrorist. We've been so happy to surrender our rights under the Patriot Act, this 'lil thing can't be difficult, eh ?? (update 7/24/12)
I realize the very thought of weapons registration will drive the NRA insane (insaner??) and result in reviving the ever  -present bogey-man of confiscation that's hiding under the bed. Be afraid, be very afraid.
There will never be a civil conversation on this subject in this country. Both sides will accuse and blame the other for any situation like the one last week in Colorado - it's already started.
There are no "cites" in this post  - -  there's already too much out there - I'm sure you can find 'em.
Suffice it to say, this event will soon be forgotten except by those that have lost a loved one  ...... and those that wish to exploit it for their own agenda. It will, unfortunately, happen again.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass div

Great old fiddle tune with a great fiddler (and Mike Compton ain't half-bad on the mandolin) Enjoy !!!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong - UPDATE !! happy ending div

As a follow-up to events previously reported in these pages,  it's apparent that fortune does, occasionally, smile upon fools and small children (I'll leave it to you, gentle reader, to determine the case here).
Hopefully the intended recepient of the ring (if still in the picture) will limit her bethrothed's future visits to Hooter's to using the drive-thru window.
Wonder if the gas-tank was full ??

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Needed div

More  and  More  and  More  and  More  and  More   and  More we see reports of just how corrupt and/or incompetent the banking system, and those running it, really is.
Why then (like Atrios keeps asking) do we insist on and keep giving them money ????
Are our leaders incompetent, stupid or simply evil ????????
Seems like this morning's "Non Sequiter" states problem quite succinctly :

                                                          Obviously, his eyes are closed

Rat-a-Tat-Tat-Tat (+ a little Bluegrass) div

Machine Gun Kelly (aka George C. Barnes) was born today in 1895  - - - coincidently, he died on this date in 1954.

Written by Danny "Kootch"Kortchmar and also recorded by James Taylor.
This one can be found on Dobro player Rob Ickes' album "Big Time."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wonderful Day div

Been a while, but didja know that today in:

622 - --  the Islamic era began.  (Obama's fault, probably)

1054  - -  the "Catholic" church split in two.  (one allows priests to marry, you know what the other one
                goes in for).

1099  - -  The Crusaders herded the Jews in Jerusalem into a synagogue and burned them (840 years              
                later, the Germans try this in Europe).

1439  - - Kissing is banned in England (573 years later Tennessee follows suit).

1790  - - US Congress establishes the District of Columbia  (600, 000 folks still don't get to vote).

1861  - -  first Battle of Bull Run  (didn't turn out well for the Union)

1941   - -  Joe DiMaggio hits in his 56th consecutive game (went 3 for 4  - -  damn Yankees !!)

1951  - -  "The Catcher in the Rye" published. (high school students across America scream in anguish)

1964  - -  Barry Goldwater nominated for President by the Republican party (knew him, a great man  - -      
                and nowhere near what the repubs today would have one believe).

Thus endeth today's history lesson

Apology div

Seems like Willard has had his feelings hurt and wants an apology.
Not a insurmountable request  ....... how 'bout the folks that have been non-stop liars about the President apologize first ????  (you know; citizenship, birthplace, education patriotism, religious beliefs, etc).
Of course, facts get in the way, eh ???
I'm not sure that Mr. Romney's past could hold up to the type of investigation I underwent in obtaining the clearances and access I held in my former life. How many polys has he had ???? Volunteer ????

Thought not.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass div

Paddled a swim support today  - -  ain't got much left .....
Turn up the sound and enjoy a couple of wonderful young musicians (and a great tune) ..........

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Could Possibly Go Wrong ? div

I just wonder why he waited eight days to report it.
Maybe he thought it was for the honeymoon, eh ??
... at least they put in their own gas.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Just In ....... div

Film from the Mittster's weekend in  the Hamptons...........
along with an endorsement ...... or message .... or  WTF ??
Shit, I can't understand it.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Upstairs, Downstairs div

It appears from all the howlings out there on the inter tubes that Mittens had a great weekend in the Hamptons. Sure was nice to get away from those hicks in Cow Hampshire (don't blame me, I lived free there ... and damn near died) and see some "real" folks.

I especially loved this quote:
"A few cars back, Ted Conklin, the owner of the American Hotel in Sag Harbor, long a favorite of the Hamptons' well-off and well-known, could barely contain his displeasure with Mr. Obama. "He is a socialist. His idea is find a problem that doesn't exist and get government to intervene," Mr. Conklin said from inside a gold Mercedes, as his wife, Carol Simmons, nodded in agreement."

Seems like Ted really is familiar with what it takes to be a Socialist, eh ??
How dare "those" people create a non-existent problem   - -  like maybe voter fraud and then pass a bunch of laws to prevent people from voting ??      oops ...... those are republ ......  arrgggghhh, ........ nothing to see here, move along.

Most of this illustrates that the "rich" ain't really like most of us. I'll never be able to spend over a year's pay (before taxes) on a meal. It's nice to see all the "job creators" spending that money. Surely, it will trickle down, eh ?

What I can't figure out is what are they expecting to get. Usually, money is exchanged for something of value. I don't think anyone can tell me, with a straight face anyway, that this ain't out and out influence peddling and bribery 
The only "trickle down" I've experienced since St Ronald announced how it worked is the moisture on my thigh when I don't adequately shake off my di ....... well, you get the picture.

It's amazing that the Republicans can still mouth this twaddle after it's been proven to be unworkable over and over and over ....... and no one calls 'em on it. Seems like they will always be able to play to the audience that thinks they magically move up into the ranks of the 1%. They always seem to be able to point to some bogey-man that's a-gonna steal it from 'em. (Of course, them what points it out are exactly the ones you need to fear, eh ?). 

Maybe it's time that the folks in the Hamptons try to get along without all those pesky "common people" who just don't get it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lest we forget div

Ever since Mittens became the apparent nominee ........
Why don't they just say it ????

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Andy Griffith, 1926 - 2012 RIP div

Before he became a "sheriff, " he was a stand-up comic and little known "country caricature."
Many of us grew up with  Sheriff Andy Taylor, Opie, Aunt Bea and a whole host of characters  from Mayberry.

It's hard to watch your childhood die  ..........

Guess we ain't learning' div

Out there on the road today. Lots of news about Barclay's Bank. More corporate fuckery and no one going to jail. Oh yeah, they paid a fine.

This morning's Post talks of Glaxo getting fined over 3 (yeah three) billion (yep! BILLION) bucks for fraud. Rumor has it that the raked in thirty-six BILLION on the sale of the aforementioned drugs (for those of you un-challenged by the math, thats 10%). Some penalty. Why hasn't a judge said, ..."oh yeah, in addition to the money, have three of your officers, four directors and 10 stockholders here on Tuesday and have them bring their toothbrushes." The next thing these "job creators" get to hear is  ... this is Snake, your cellmate."

A CRIME has been been committed. Doesn't anybody have to pay a penalty ??  Money (a "fine' for those of you paying attention) isn't a penalty, it's an expense. Maybe the kids selling dope on the corner should incorporate and then just pay a fine, eh ??

Then there's Bank of Amerika; and you wonder why your CD pays .55% ????   How many of these assholes are going to get a bonus this year (betcha don't have enough fingers, eh ??).

J P Morgan Chase might have lot nine billion bucks of other people's money.

What's it going to take for all the folks that know better to know better ??

Corporations ain't fuckin' people. Currently, they are fuckin' people  - -  and the fuckees are you and me, neighbor. What are we gonna run out of first ...... lamp posts or rope ??? And when ????

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dead Presidents div

Today in 1881, Charles Guiteau shot and fatally wounded President James A. Garfield. (Garfield managed to cling to life until 19 September before passing away)
RIP anyway.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Racing to the Bottom div

While I was out Driving 4$$, the mini-bears were trolling the inter-tubes (gotta shut down the machine when I'm out hunting for dead moose). Anyhow, this is what was left on the desk .............

We continue to do all we can to increase stupid:

Down on the Bayou, Bobby J. ahas decided to cut spending for libraries. It isn't like people don't need them (and they're probably the most important building in any community) but they may give some folks access to something that some other folks don't like.

Down in South Carolina, the female governor vetoes a bill to put out info on the need for the HPV (I heard that a 16-year old male wondered if he needed the vaccine). Even better, the legislature upholds the veto  - -  and you thought the girl in the beauty contest was a ditz ??  Maybe it's the water.

North of there, the sea mocks the state senate. Is there someone there named Cnute thinking this shit up? Maybe he was a republican too.

Down in Texas, the republicans enshrine the banning of critical thinking in their party platform. I'm sure St Ronald would agree with this (are there any sane people there ??).

Tennessee outlaws puberty. Maybe we should outlaw drinking water Georgians off  (everyone knows what fish do in it, and besides, where will it lead?).

Down in Mississippi (ha !! I still know how to spell it) the chairman of the tea party is calling for open rebellion in light of the Supreme's ruling on the ACA. I personally loved the part about "treason against the Constitution." At least he didn't mention moving to Canada to escape the curse of "socialized medicine."

Then there's Mittens saying that every student should get as much education as they can afford. Wow, what a concept. That should really help us have a meritocracy - - - especially if we close the libraries. How much damage have the sons of the rich and famous already done ??

As you can probably figure out, these are the folks that want to (or already) lead all or a portion of our nation. I can't for the life of me comprehend how anyone with a partially working mind could ever contemplate ever voting for one of these folks or their ideological brethren (or sisteren).

Makes about as much sense as a duck riding a bicycle.