Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dead People Div (dangerous vehicle subsection)

When Driving 4$$ (or any time - especially in the vicinity of the GWTP) ,  I've always maintained that Dump Trucks, School Busses and any thing with Diplomatic plates is to be given great clearance and watched carefully.
Watching tonite's news on the teevee emphasisises the point:



Since the company appesrs to be going broke, I haven't been driving lately -- why work if you don't get paid, eh ? Love my 'lil job, but .........

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Geography Div (Global Warming subsection)

Last week, the ice went away; and beachfront property appeared in places you never imagined - get your real estate agent on the line and someday your grand-children's grand-children will be rolling in dough.
Seems that many nations are staking claims to areas that will one day be ice-free. We certainly keep thinking up things to fight over, eh ??
Possibly, the State Department (ours) is thinking of creating an ambassadorial position - go figure.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass Div (Youth subsection)

The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys  (From New Jersey) with three instrumentals …. Sorry, my aged Bear brain can't name the first, followed by Time Lapse and then Flint Hill Special.

The Mizzone Brothers  - - Jonny - Banjo, Robbie - Fiddle and Tommy - Guitar.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Geography Div (Global Warming subsection)

There wasn't any map last week .. did anyone notice.
Well, the mini-bears have returned from their frolic in the sun. They're tanned, rested and ready (didn't someone once say that about Richard Nixon ?).
Anyhow the week before we featured the Ice Age.
Now what about the case where all that ice just goes away ??
It's been grand sitting here in the vicinity of the GWTP and hearing so many of the "deniers" say that it ain't a gonna happen ……

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass Div

The Incredible String Dusters doing Wichita Stomp.

Andy Hall (Dobro), Andy Falco (guitar), Chris Pandolfi (banjo), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle), 
 Jesse Cobb (mandolin), and Travis Book (upright bass). 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

LOVE Div (Happy Birthday subsection) ***

Today is the date of my late wife Diana's birth.

We celebrate our birthdays as the completion of another year (as in EspaƱol: CumpleaƱos ).  Of course famous historical figures get national holidays declared for them (which mostly seem to be a celebration of retail, long after their accomplishments or contributions are forgotten). If that's the case, they certainly should declare one for my lovely Diana  - - Chico's Day maybe ??
I'm somewhat conflicted on just how to consider today. It's obviously a remembrance, but certainly not (at least for me) an occasion for celebration any longer. 

I'm sure that the blonde bombshell of cosmic energy that is now pin-balling about the universe as Diana, has a thought or two on the subject, but I won't be privy to what they are. Perhaps she's contemplating all the other things that have happened on this date in the past. Perhaps she's wondering what sort of card I found myself looking at several times over the past few weeks. Perhaps she's just walking Darcy and Alexis (the wonder Corgis). 

Diana always missed going out for dinner on her birthday. It so closely coincided with Valentine's Day that it was almost impossible to get a reservation and the crowds made a nice celebration, reasonable menus and unhurried service nearly impossible. We would normally wait until two or three weeks afterwards and then get together with friends for a relaxed evening out. For the actual day, I would usually go out and get a large lobster steamed and bring it home for her. Being a New England girl, it was her favorite (and she could usually have the whole thing shelled within five minutes or less).

 ………..And so my dear, departed, darling; Happy Chico's Day - and  here's a memory - -  Enjoy!

Love …………… Always,

*** Apologies to the mini-bears that manage the Geography Division  - - no map this week. (Hell, I'm the owner, I get to decide  - -  besides, they went somewhere warm to "chill out").

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass Div

The Sam Bush Band doing Blue Mountain 

Sam Bush - Mandolin, Scott Vestal - Banjo, Todd Parks - Bass, Stephen
Mougin - Guitar and Chris Brown - Drums

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Geography Div (Freezing our asses off subsection)

I really don't think we'll look like this anytime soon, but ………. damn it's really cold here !!!

This is what the world looked like during the last Ice Age

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass Div

A 2013 IBMA Instrumental Group of the Year nominee (and a few more)

Dirty Kitchen:
Frank Solivan - Mandolin; Mike Munford - Banjo; Chris Luquette - Guitar and
Danny Booth - Bass.
Mike was 2013 IBMA Banjo Player of the year and Chris received the Momentum Award as Instrumentalist of the year (you've seen him here before as a member of Northern Departure).