Monday, September 30, 2013

Here We Go Div ...... (over the Falls subsection)

Well, the inmates have finally made their takeover of the asylum that's Congress official.

It isn't enough that they want to repeal a law legally passed, but they want their whole rejected agenda included as the price of not trashing the country's economy and threatening to trash that of the whole free world. What's next guys ?? Firing on Ft Sumpter ???
Come 1 October, looks like you aren't going to be able to sign up for Social Security, Medicare, or VA benefits; but you'll still have to take your shoes off at the airport and maybe get felt up.

Of course, it's all the fault of that socialist, Kenyan, usurper that's illegally occupying "our" White House (did I mention that the guy's a Nig**** ??).

I just gotta wonder why it hasn't occurred to these rubes that they really are insane ??

Go ahead, talk among yourselves ...................

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass Div

Clinch Mountain Backstep by the Boxcars form 2011

Adan Steffey - Mandolin, Ron Stewart - Banjo, John Bowman - Fiddle, Harold Nixon - Bass and Keith Garrett - Guitar

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass Div

J.D. Crowe's New South -  minus the retired J.D. and renamed American Drive. Here doing Pike County Breakdown.
I like the new banjo player better than J. D., but that's just me.

Josh Hymer - Banjo, Dwight McCall - Mandolin, Rickey Wasson - Guitar, Matt Desplain - Resonator Guitar and Kyle Perkins - Bass

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Geography Div (Pirate subsection)

September 19 is National (and International) "Talk Like a Pirate Day."  So get your Argghhhh on!
As for the map  ......  figure it out for yourself, eh ? (good luck ye scurvy sea dogs).

Saturday, September 14, 2013

LOVE Div ...... (Goodbye My Darling subsection)


On September 14th at 6:20 AM, Diana, my loving wife and partner of over thirty years, passed away from the effects of the cerebral event she suffered just over two weeks ago. She passed away quietly and comfortably, the easy-listening music she loved playing softly in the background and with me sitting at her side, holding her hand and telling her how much she was loved.

There aren't really words big enough or strong enough to say just how much I Love her and describe the empty space that is now in front of me and will remain, every day, for the remainder of my life. A friend said that he and his wife never mentioned one of us without the other; there was no singularity. We each had our own individuality, our likes, dislikes and differing attitudes, but that is what made us the 'one' that described us as a couple.

Diana was a beautiful and talented woman. She was unbeatable as a salesperson in the fashion industry.   A million dollar producer for Woodward and Lothrop here in the DC area until it closed, she was the person the buyers went to regarding trends, style and salability for merchandise, rather than department management, After that she managed a large beauty salon and literally turned it from a day-to-day operation into one that actually made money. She could spot talent in a young stylist, match them to a client and grow him or her  into a creative force. Since she retired from that business, they have asked repeatedly for her to return.

Diana was born in Manhattan in 1947 and it's rumored that the first word she spoke was "Taxi." She grew up in the Eastern US and never held a driver's license. It wasn't a hinderance because she was organized and determined enough to use whatever transportation was available, including her own shapely legs. After working in the high-end cosmetics business, she worked in the temporary employee recruitment and placement industry - - again becoming a sought-after commodity herself.

When we married and I brought her to England in 1982, the neighbors in our village were convinced they had their own local "Lady Diana." She adapted readily to the divisions of a common language, the differences in culture, and having to prepare dinners in what she referred to as her "Barbie Doll sized" kitchen. She soon was educating the American wives on how and where to shop locally. When we left our village and moved to our second posting in England, the town's butcher cried.

It's hard to imagine why such a tragedy should happen to such a vibrant, talented, respected and loved person. She was always putting others first and her memory for birth-dates, anniversaries and special events was phenomenal. She never forgot to send a card, flowers or organize a night out or a special dinner (prepared by her) for that occasion.

She was always so independent and vital. She always said that she didn't want a life where she was totally dependent on someone else. The results of her injury were such that she would have remained bedridden and probably immobile for the remainder of her days - - and that was contrary to her concept of life and living. We were fortunate that the extent of her disability allowed me to choose a path for her that freed her from the cruel denial of her wishes. She's now free.

I miss you my Love.


A LIttle Saturday Nite Bluegrass Div

The Claire Lynch Band doing their version of Wabash Cannonball. It's almost "jazzy."

Claire Lynch - Guitar, lead vocal, Missy Raines - Bass, Jim Hurst - guitar, Bryan McDowell - Mandolin.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Apologies Div (sucky blogging subsection)

Sorry 'bout any disappointments of late when visiting the site. Have had plenty on my mind to interfere with being creative and clever (or even digesting the news).
Have some of the 'usual suspects' canned and scheduled (but will need to restock the cupboard soon).

My Goose Girl is stable and making slow progress at 'BRAINS 'r US' - with the occasional setback (which really is a downer) but is par for the course. The space-time continuum has really done a number on me; two weeks sometimes seems to be only yesterday and sometimes, last year.
Hard to believe that only two weeks ago my towers came falling down.

Check out the 'Places the Bear Visits' for news, satire, snark and commentary.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Little Saturday Nite Bluegrass DIV

A verry talented band that's been around since 2001,  Here doing Cleo Belle Written by Nick, the banjo player. Note the two-finger picking style.

John Reischman - Mandolin. Nick Hornbuckle - Banjo, Greg Spatz - Fiddle, Trisha Gagnon - Bass and Jim Nunllay

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Rambling Thoughts ... Div

Getting from Here to There subsection:
I'm spending a couple of hours a day now traversing between the beltways to be with the Goose Girl. She's improving and every day I see a new bit of her progress on the road to recovery. It's still a long road though.
It's interesting seeing Baltimore from the perspective of the 'lil car and not from the truck. I guess since I don't have passengers, I am allowed to yell at the idiots that inundate our highways and by-ways.
WTF is so hard about "Right (or Left) Lane Closed Ahead (or 1500 feet or 1/2 Mile) ??" It ain't like it's written in Serbo-Croatian or Arabic, eh ??? Maybe I'm the possessor of magic glasses that instantly translate it into English and I don't notice.
I always told my pax that Merging is a lost art; and Yielding is a sign of weakness. Boy, does that ever contribute to gridlock !
And why does it seem that the more expensive or higher performance the car; the worse the skills of its operator ??
I guess after more than 50 years and a million miles behind the wheel I can only wonder where a huge group of the vehicle (mis) operators learned their skills. My Father, now deceased, is still the best driver I've ever known and I was always on my best behavior when he was in the right seat.

Please, Tell Me Again Why   subsection:
Along the way, I keep hearing the all-news, weather, traffic and sports stations break in with THE VOICE OF DOOM announcing "now, the latest on the Syrian Crisis !!"
What crisis ?? They're having a Civil War. There are two sides that want to participate in the war and get to be in charge when it's over; and one side that just wants enough clean food and water and a warm place, out of the wind and rain, to shit. Each side is further divided into religious and/or ideological factions concerned with what's God's real name and/or how many times you have to bow when praying (or something equally as inane and stupid) and are busy killing each other in a variety of ways - some more efficient than others - and killing a lot of the non-caring, non-participants (that would probably like toilet paper also) in the process.
Nobody can really say who's who ; or what's what; or I Don't Know (.....third base!) and there sure as hell ain't nobody selling scorecards that make any sense and there ain't no instructions on how to mark the balls and strikes.

The one thing EVERYBODY (at least all the Very Important People ) are saying is that WE (that's US) have to do something because ....... well, because .... because we just have to !!!  "Just Because" seems like a pretty silly reason to further expend our blood and treasure (that what hasn't already been tragically wasted in the past ten years). And it makes even less sense to keep putting it on the credit card. No swingin' dick runnin' their mouth has even brought up that point yet.

I have yet to hear anyone state just why the Syrian Civil War has anything that may affect the national security of the USA. Please, please don't give me the "we got to stop them over there, etc" bullshit from the GWB adventures.
If you've been listening to any of the rhetoric of the "bomb 'em all" folks over the past ten years, MUSLIMS are the boogeymen and the root of all evil in today's world and we need to rid the world of this menace.  Hey, has anyone noticed, these are Muslims killing Muslims !! Isn't that making "our" job a lot easier ??? Don't any of you rubes have the guts to say that ??

So much for this rant. At least the folks here at Hopkins know what they're doing and don't bullshit me when I ask a question.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Geography Div.... (small city, large hospital subsection)

Even though I've dropped off and picked up pax from Hopkins, I never realized just how big it is.
Now, since I visit the Goose Girl  - - update below - - every day for most of the day (and part of the night), I can occasionally indulge myself with something like a subway sandwich or a pizza. The campus is mostly connected and seems to have all the services in case you never get out !!!

The loop marked in yellow is just over one klick around, so I can also get some exercise when I'm kicked out of the room. I'm slowly learning what's available and where it is.

The Goose Girl is in there !!!! She's able to respond to simple commands like squeeze hand move fingers, move foots. Her pupils are reactive and she can smile (sort of) and stick out her tongue when conscious. She can track with her eyes - though she has them closed a lot and I hope she's getting some rest. she isn't completely dependent on the ventilator any longer, but it's still connected and helps her.
The Bear can only hope that the improvement continues and the setbacks are small.

Elected Office / Public Service Div ..... (SODDI ** subsection)

Seems that Gov Bobby McD (R-Graft) hasn't been telling the truth, the whole truth or sumpin' but the truth about  all the wonderful stuff ($$, watches, clothes, teeth, weddings, vacations .....and the shit just goes on) that he and his family received in "friendship" from Jonnnie R. Williams, Sr. (who, more and more, is turning out to be a real piece of work).
Now Gov Bob and his legal teams plan to throw the assistant Gov (Mrs McD) under the bus seem to be unraveling.
Ain't marriage wonderful ???

** SODDI : Criminal defense ploy meaning "Some Other Dude Did It."
     guess in this case he meant "dudette,' eh ???