Saturday, April 28, 2012

This is the Future div

Last week the old bear took the plunge and purchased an iPhone 4S (after owning a cellular phone that was, well, a phone).. It's smarter than I am and it's truly amazing in just how much "computer" is packed into such a small device.
It's SIRI feature immediately brought to mind the old BBC series Star Cops that started (and unfortunately, after nine episodes, ended) in 1987.
David Calder (the star) has a hand-held "assistant" - -  aptly named "Box." You can find the first mention of Box at the 8:15 point in this video.
The series was set in 2027 .......  maybe we are getting closer.

Milestones div

WOW 1000 page views !!!  - -  Never thought it would reach this point!!
Thanks to all readers
A little something about growth from Dave Mallett  - -  the guy what wrote it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

HISTORY div ........

WOW !!!!
What a day.
1521: Treaty of Worms: Emperor Charles names his brother Ferdinand Arch duke of Neth-Austria
1770: Capt James Cook in Endeavor lands at Botany Bay in Australia  -- I'm sure those "transported" sure appreciate this discovery.
1788: Maryland becomes 7th state to ratify constitution  - -  the Oldest active Capitol building in the US (and  once the US Capitol) still stands.
1789: Fletcher Christian leads Mutiny on HMS Bounty & Capt William Bligh- - - and give rise to one of the longest open boat journeys in history.
1914:181 die in coal mine collapse at Eccles WV
1924: 119 die in Benwood West Virginia coal mine disaster
                      How long will we cling to "Clean Coal"  ???????????
1986: Chernobyl, USSR site of world's worst nuclear power plant disaster  - - - - and we couldn't eat lamb in Britain.  
1988:  Baltimore Orioles lose AL record 21 games in a row  - -  they're doin' better this year  - - - but nobody really wants to buy a souvenir jersey with ANGELOS on the back.
1973: Antelope, California disappears - -  we don't need no fuckin' regulations .......

lots other shit happened ........ you look it up ............

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Undergraduate nostalgia div......

Drank a lot of 3.2 beer at the Sink (and walked home since I lived two blocks away), but nothing like this ever happened !!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ANZAC Day div

Many of the troops that landed at  Gallipolii in 1915 were from Australia and New Zealand - hence the acronym ANZACs. This is Australia's Memorial (or Remembrance) Day. One of the most powerful songs I know, too many parallels to our young Americans coming home from another useless war.
God Bless, mate.

Is our children lernin' div

Ya gotta wonder. With all the innovation and the speed of technological change today why any government official could be so stupid as to eat the "seed corn" is beyond me.

Of course, the priorities are  clearly defined. (Note: I do understand the difference in funding sources).

Here we have one of the (politically) important states in the Union being run into the ground by a convicted fraud and felon  - - well, his company was, but remember what Etch said, "Corporations are people, my friend"  (and Floridians still elected this idiot).

Maybe in lieu of real science and technology education we can substitute prayer.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day div

What more can I say ..................

A Little Bluegrass ... div

One of the great female musicians in the genre.

Best version of this old fiddle tune is on The Great Dobro Sessions produced by Jerry Douglas  - -
There you'll find Sally on dobro, Alison Brown on banjo, Stuart Duncan in fiddle, Ronnie McCoury on mandolin and David Grier on guitar  - -  probably the best arrangement of this tune ever recorded.

Enjoy this (no banjo break, but still good)

Shipwreck div ..... addendum

Just finished watching Why Ships Sink on PBS' Nova. (Worth every nickel I contribute). Really a well done program.

I was fascinated by the story of Moss Hills an entertainer on the cruise ship Oceanus that went down off the South African coast in 1991. This is a true hero. After going below decks and finding that the ship was flooding, went to the bridge to find it abandoned. He and his wife were the ones that sent the "Mayday" and stayed to put many of the passengers in the harnesses of the rescue helicopters. They were the last lifted off before the ship sank.
Ironically, he was also an entertainer on the Achille Lauro which sank in 1994. Again, he and his wife were instrumental in helping the passengers.

The Goose Girl and I are planning a cruise ..........

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lousy Day div

Well, Driving4$$ certainly sucked today. 88 miles, $8 in tips and less than six hours!!
Hadn't been for one generous soul, I'd have had a ZERO day.

Levon Helm passed away. Thanks Mr Cancer, I'm sure there was a more deserving and less talented recipient of your attention.

Greg Ham of Men At Work was also found dead at home. Was just listening to this last nite and wondering how to work it into a post  - -  wish I had a better reason

Stupidity div ... cont'd

I've never cared for Harry Reid as the Senate's Majority Leader. Always thought the ML should be someone to kick some asses. However, I think he's nailed it in his recent statement about the Secret Service debacle
:The Nevada Democrat told reporters Thursday there will be committee hearings, but the proceedings won't "stop people from being stupid." He added: "There is not a bill we can pass to cause people to have common sense."
Of course if Congress did pass such a bill, they'd exempt themselves.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stupidity div

Google (I think) has a company motto : "Don't be evil."
Perhaps the modern military should adopt the motto: "Don't be Stupid."
Maybe it's time for COs to take away all cameras (including those in smart-phones).
So many of the young men and women deployed to combat zones today have grown so comfortable with the technology and the concept of the "social media" that they think nothing of sharing almost anything. It's too bad that the concept of restraint hasn't been introduced to the mix.
If you worry about our young warriors doing this, then you have to be concerned with what life is going to be like for them (and everyone else) when they rotate home. Come on folks, these kids have been given guns and taught to use them.
I once had a passenger who was associated with the Wounded Warrior Project. On the ride into DC, we both reflected on what's been done to to a portion of this whole generation of young people. "We've created a generation of killers," she sadly remarked.
As we continue to place blame and denigrate nearly every segment of our society, from every side of the political spectrum, I sadly wonder what we will reap.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Travel ... div

In all my years in the travel business, I never heard anyone reminisce about an airplane ride they'd had (except to comment on how unpleasant the experience was) ......... but a train ride, .......... never a bad word; and the look on the teller's eyes when relating the experience - indescribable.

I'll never forget the ride from Ashfork, Arizona to Chicago on the Santa Fe's Super Chief (and then on the NYCentral and the New York, New Haven and Hartford) in 1954.
 At one point on the domed "Senic-car", I, as a youngster, ordered drinks (something for my Mom, a "ShirleyTemple" for my Sister and a "Roy Rogers" for me) and when paying , telling the wonderful Black porter gentleman to "keep the change."  I hope Muley's "brother" appreciated it  - -  I sure did - - - and still do.

Steve Spurgin is a wonderful singer and songwriter  - -  google him

Shiny thing ....... div

So, they still ain't real happy with the heir apparent ......
disregard the reference to any names  (hell, this is from 1980) ........
perhaps .........

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks to the Cook div

My "adopted "brother and his lovely wife hosted the Goose Girl and this old bear for dinner Saturday at their new "home." It was lovely  - -  great food, great conversation and just plain old great company. Couldn't ask for more.

Debbie is a cellist and is branching out into "fiddling' " Cape Breton style.

So here Ms Debbie; a musical thank you by a great Cape Breton fiddler. Not only is Natalie a great musician, it's apparent that she's having a better time than anyone in the hall !!!

Put it up full screen and crank up the sound. Bonne ├ęcoute  !!!!

SHIPWRECK ....... div

The newspapers, radio and teevee currently abound with stories about a ship that sunk a while back.

This one didn't take as many as that one, but villains and heroes still played a part.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cognitive Dissonance div.....

I often wonder why (and how) so many can be conned by so few,  ....... and so often.

Down there in Tennessee ( where Nashville is referred to as the "Athens -we know what kind of shape they're in  - of the South")  they are proposing the locking up of anyone under the age of whatever - don't the Muslims do this ???

Out in Arizona, they've managed to alter Mother Nature's calendar so them sluts can get pregnant even before the 'lil wiggly guy has even had a chance.

Etch is in Saint Louie tellin' the NRA that he's a gonna overturn all them things that the Kenyan Socialist Muslim Elitist has done to take away your, mine and our guns. Etch has a problem here; but no matter, IOKIYAR.

Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Etch managed (again) to tell us that they ain't like us regular folks.

Ya gotta wonder .......................  hope my head doesn't explode ..........

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jackass div

Seems that President Obama thinks West is a jackass.
Methinks he's got the wrong one.
Then again, I've never heard of one of them.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whatever was she thinking div

Maybe Herman McCain West is writing for Ann Romney.
For Gawd's sake, get these people a teleprompter.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thanks for your service div

I received an offer from some local agent to refinance my VA mortgage today.
Earlier during my troll of the inter-tubes, I came upon this. (thank you Atrios).
I e-mailed the agent:

I appreciate your offer of refinancing, specially directed towards me in recognition of my service to my country.
I do not know your background (nor do I want to). 
One of the most important traits of those of us who served honorably was (and is) integrity and the willingness to put our lives, and careers on the line for what was (and is) right.
Perhaps it's time for you to step up and find an employer that respects your values.
Please remove me from your mailing list.
Patriotically yours,

I'm sure that the guy is just trying' to make a living and provide for his family.
Once again, how many folks are willing to sacrifice their integrity for a buck (or health insurance) ??
Trust me, I will never do business with his firm. It ain't much, but we each need to do our part.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shiny Thing div

Seems like the poobahs and mfwiics of that political party what's holding everything against the black guy has decided that the rich guy is the soon to be anointed one. Lil Ricky is still saying' that he's the chosen one (guess who told him so ?) and vows to fight on. The Newtster has lowered his sights and 'ol Grumpy sez it ain't over yet.

Guess no one has told them ............ I'm just waiting to hear Etch say "resistance is futile."

Couldn't think of a more appropriate video .........

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Clever (?) Advertising div

Well, Driving4$$ certainly sucked today. The money was good, the weather great, the pax nice -  but the traffic in the Great White Theme Park really sucked. One of the worst days I've ever seen  - -  took over and hour and a half to go from Thomas Circle to DCA (6 miles). Thankfully the pax had a sense of humor (and they did arrive in time for their flight). The problem was a wonderful confluence of rush-hour, an accident and the tourists attempting to navigate the road or the cross-walks !!!

If you don't live here, don't drive here !!!!! Hell, walking is a big enough challenge.

Got home and had left-over enchiladas ( the Goose Girl really loves me !!). While watching the teepee, there was this ad:
Something like: " Can we read your mind ??  Depends."
At that moment my tiny brain shut down. When they said ... .. "Depends," you know what I thought...
( the answer was given by John McCain when asked if he wore boxers or briefs?).
 What a lousy ad  - - it was for a Kia vehicle  - -  maybe they should name it the underwear !!.
Maybe it's a great car, but I never got beyond the solutions to various symptoms of getting older !!!! It was probably pitched by (and to) 30 somethings.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little more Bluegrass div

Same group of unknown (talented) kids in a hotel lobby. the bored look on the banjo player's girlfriend really speaks of love.
Good day yesterday Driving4$$. Nice people .. adequate tips. Traffic in the Great White Theme Park sucked !!
Enjoy the music !