Friday, November 4, 2016

It's almost over Div (help for the undecideds subsection)

I received an interesting post a few days ago. It compared the candidates, should you be ailing :
H/T to David Malki (the author) -- full article here.

"Let’s say you go to the doctor
Turns out that achy, oozing, blindingly-painful rash you thought was nothing is actually pretty serious. You need treatment right away.
There are two different treatments available for your condition. (There are some others that sound promising, but they’re still in clinical trials and you can’t get them.)
Treatment A is a prescription pill that’s been around a while. Doctors and researchers agree that it is moderately effective, although it does cause side effects. It’s a “Big Pharma” type medicine, which means their profits go into a huge black hole for them to do whatever with. In fact, the CEO of the company is, by some reports, not a nice person. But the medicine will probably keep you alive, at least for a few more years.
Treatment B is also a pill, but it’s not FDA approved — most doctors advise against taking it. Its website is full of claims like “The miracle medicine Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about!” and “Research shows this pill could be as effective as many prescription drugs!” (There are no studies to back up this “research.”) In breathless tones, the ads boast that “No one else has made the secret medical breakthroughs that we have!” — but also warn that this information “may soon be banned by the government!”
The owner of the company who makes Treatment B is best known for being a wheeler-dealer in an altogether different industry, completely unrelated to medicine. He always seems to be in court, threatens to sue anyone who disagrees with him, and allegations of personal and professional misconduct follow wherever he goes.
But he’s bought a bunch of infomercials, full of testimonials from happy patients and explanations of everything wrong with Big Pharma and the medical establishment. Doctors, he says, “are a bunch of crooks” and his pill won’t just cure your illness, it’ll “make you feel young again” and “make you as strong as anyone you’ve ever seen.” There are no explanations given for how it might accomplish this in your body, and the ingredients of the pill are unknown.
The point is not that Hillary is great, and that Trump is a maniac. Reasonable people can claim both things, but I think that claim rings false to people who distrust Hillary and/or find Trump’s brazenness refreshing.
The point is that a Hillary Clinton presidency, for all its many flaws, would be survivable, whereas Donald Trump is an impostor, a snake oil salesman whose promises and claims smart people would instantly disbelieve in any other context."

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