Sunday, November 13, 2016

Election Div (After the Aftermath subsection)

Since early Wednesday morning, I've been watching the news, reading papers and blogs from all over the country and trying to figure out just what really happened and where the future will find us.
It's still pretty murky, but if Mr. Trump continues to utilize the talents of those currently advising him, I fear the worst.
As Paul Krugman said in his NYT column,  "... remember that elections determine who gets the power, not who offers the truth.     

I feel we all now need to be ready to fight for the truth. It's time for the Democratic Party to stop being "nice," and start confronting the Republicans every time they offer a policy that hurts the very people they claim to represent and challenging them on just why (and who) is responsible for the population's distrust and disgust.  As Leon Weiseltier said in today's Op-ed in the Washington Post, titled "Stay Angry:
" ..... Republicans contribute significantly to the breaking of the system, and then they thunder to the country that the system is broken. They refuse to govern, and then they denounce government. They seem to confuse governing with having their way." (emphasis mine).
Calling for calm is one thing; demanding honesty is another. What today purports to be journalism needs to get over it's obsession with letting the truth be obscured in order to let each viewpoint have it's say - you don't see this on FOX News, eh?  When an interviewee (no matter what side of an issue he or she is on) states something patently untrue, the interviewer is obligated to challenge them and press the issue over and over until the truth is told.
The late Republican senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, said it best:"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts."

Many have called for calm and for letting the Trump Administration have it's opportunity. My overriding wish is that everything will work out for the best...............
If the ACA is repealed and replaced with something better, Great! If the job market for middle-class Americans surges, wages increase and the inequality in income distribution decreases, Great! If a way is found to defeat terrorism without compromising our integrity, freedom or dignity, Great! If a way is found to train and educate our children without saddling them with life crushing debt, Wonderful!

I'll sing the praises of any President, Senator, Congressman, Diplomat or Businessman that can accomplish them.................. Unfortunately, I don't believe our President-elect or the in-coming Congressional majority will be willing.

 As Barbara Res (a Trump employee for 18 years) wrote in an open letter:
In this crazy world, you are poised to be either a total disaster, or one of the greats. Once you are president, you can do what you want. Forget what it took to get you here. Maybe you will lose some evangelicals and the racists will stay home next time but you will pick up lots of Democrats. You can be a president for everyone if you put the country first and let your ego take a back seat. Reform the prisons, rebuild our infrastructure, make healthcare affordable, fix immigration humanely. Forget about reducing taxes for the rich, reduce them for the middle class. You know jobs were lost to technology, not to closing factories due to trade agreements. Bring the technology jobs back to the US. Do something about student debt. Help poor young people get college or training for the good jobs you are promising. 

Perhaps in the next two years, people will realize that they have been "had" and will be willing to vote for those that will respect them ...........
Here's hoping.

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