Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trust me, I'm (still) the Governor (Really !) Div

Anyone following the continuing saga of Virginia's Governor Bob McGift (yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus - but he goes by "Jonnie") ??

                                              (Melina Mara / THE WASHINGTON POST)

Last week, he apologized (well, kinda sorta) via a written statement. He then decamped to Kabul, apparently to visit Virginia troops serving there. Good chance to pick up some pointers in real corruption good government (and the treatment of women) from some real pros, eh ?

Yesterday he spent 45 minutes (of a one-hour program) answering questions about his dilemma.
One quote was prescient of his whole attitude towards the matter:

               When the hosts noted that according to reports, Maureen McDonnell
                had asked Williams for the Rolex, McDonnell said: “I have 
                not read many of the reports over the last 30 days because much
                of what I have read . . . about either me or my wife has not been accurate.”

WTF ??? Did you just read the "inaccurate" reports Bob ?? Did any of the accurate stuff make any impression ?? And how did you know the reports you read were inaccurate  - and why didn't you refute them at the time - with evidence ??

Today, his daughters have announced the return of their wedding and engagement "presents."
No mention of what's going to happen to Mrs McGuv's purchases from Bergdorf Goodman, the clothes  she bought on the campaign credit card or the cosmetic dental work performed gratis. What's she gonna do, have her teeth pulled ??? And the watch ?? I guess there will be a certain souvenir value to owning a Rolex engraved  71st Governor of Virginia.  Imagine what that will garner on "Antiques Roadshow" in 2113 ??

Even better, the Virginia taxpayers are getting stuck with a $50K + bill from attorneys for the original investigation since Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (aka Ken the Kook) also received gifts from Santa Jonnie and had an obvious conflict of interest. Ken is currently the Republican nominee for McBob's job.

The WaPo just put up an Editorial on the web saying pretty much what I've been saying.

Oh so many years ago when growing up, I was told that becoming an adult involved knowing the difference between right and wrong (the difference between legal and illegal was also discussed) and acting accordingly. It seems that Gov McBob learned the legal-illegal distinction, but not the moral.

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