Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bafflement div

One of the hardest things about doing this blog thingee is deciding what to write about. There's this great desire to be original and not pirate anything from anyone else, let alone plagiarize their words and ideas.  Like what Atrios said.

But, there's just SO much material.

I often recommend the Capitol Steps to those visiting the Great White Theme Park; very creative  (and heaven knows they never will suffer from lack of material). These folks run the gamut and are "fairly balanced" in the process. I think the nightly news and the talking heads could learn a bit from them.

I was asked last nite by an American ex-patriate (living in Greece) what the issues were in the upcoming election; ya know, it was hard to explain just what the issues were. Every day there seems to be some new twist and I can't imagine what sense someone in Europe (they have their own problems) can make of the idiocy going on here right now.  She couldn't understand the preoccupation with sex and why women can't have a say in their own healthcare. I sure as hell didn't have a good answer.
I see today that a crazy woman in Arizona wants to make women witness an abortion before having one.  I guess she hasn't considered that this would violate her anti-abortion stand.

Gas was $4 a gallon last nite. Obama's fault...... HUH ????
When is someone going to ask why we are a net EXPORTER of gasoline and jet-fuel ??????

I'm amazed that the man has been so gracious and held his "cool" in spite of the attacks on him, his wife, his children, hell even his dog.
Folks out in Montana have nicely summed up the issues.

Mittens is going to put his "experience" as a businessman to work as President. Doing what exactly ??? Still haven't heard anything from the Republicans other than cut taxes, cut benefits, cut government, and increase defense. Pretty soon everyone not on Wall Street or K Street will be in the Army, Nay, Air Force or Marines. When are these rubes going to figure out that GOVERNMENT isn't a business ??? I think somedays my brain is gonna explode from hearing the insane things they say.

ARRRGH !!!!!! I need a drink.

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