Saturday, January 28, 2012

Workin' For A Livin' div .......

Interesting read in today's Washington Post. Premise being that our work habits are killing us. Good point.
Americans are very productive ... and that's a problem.
We work longer and harder and more efficiently than anywhere in the world. We also receive very little for our efforts. Stop and think, European (those Socialists) have four to six weeks paid vacation a year and don't seem to be suffering.
I firmly believe that the one thing that is keeping the middle-class American worker behing the rest of the world is the absence of universal healthcare. Think of the folks you know who hate their jobs; but won't leave them because they will loose the privilege of participating in their company's plan (along with the co-pays). How many have forgone wage increases for the same reasons (and still seen their "share" of the costs go up) ?? How many, given the availability of universal, single-payer coverage would hesitate to

It isn't an easy thing to do. But ask yourself, just what does the "Healthcare Insurance Industry" contribute to health or care fort that matter ??? Everyone complains about the "government" and the teaparty don't want anyone a messin' wid da MediCare. But those folks at Medicare consistently keep the overhead at  less than 5%.  Think of the savings if the pool of participants is increasesd to, well, everybody. If most of the advanced, civilized countries in the world can do it, why can't we ??

How much you ask. Answer, I don't know. But let's just use a number, say 5% of total income - for everyone - I wouldn't even bridle at a reasonable co-pay, say 10 bucks for a doctor visit.

You earn $100K, you pay $5K. A Million ? - $50K. Your kid goes to the Golden Arches and gets eight bucks an hour to start  - - yep, 5% - - - for healthcare.

If the private insurers want to hang in there and sell nose-job insurance or Botox policies, or breast enhancement insurance,  great.  But let's get basic healthcare to everyone. Not only would the health of every man, woman and child in this country improve, but working folks would have a greater voice in where, how much, and how much for they work.

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