Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The inmates win ........ Div

No, this isn't about the insanity down there in the GWTP. I'll let Jon Talton over at Rogue Columnist do that.
This morning I roll out of the rack, hit start on the java machine, wind Mr. Stephens and open up the laptop sound system ...... sorry, no music. Huh ?? Try several times, nothing except "You are not connected to the internet." WTF, over ???
Try iPad ... nope. Go downstairs and try the machine connected by wire. Nope again. Reboot the server or whatever that box is called ...... (did you guess?) No again.
Finally call Verizon on the cell phone (the landline is tied to the fiber optic) and get a notification that there's an outage in my area. OK, I can live with that.

Go for a walk, run errands, get a haircut, come home and lo and behold, it's working !!!!
When I go down to check the e-mail, there's one from Verizon telling me there's been an outage that may affect my internet, e-mail and/or phone service. Huh ??? They also tell me that they will notify me of future outages by ...... wait for it ....... e-mail.

YGTBSM !!!! There's someone out there that's being seriously overpaid.

The other day, I had to change the cell service. The Goose Girl had been the primary so I had to restart the service. We were getting a discount because I was a veteran. When I switched the service, I asked if I still got it, showed my retired ID and the kid nodded his head.
Then I start getting e-mails and phone messages and texts that I need to revalidate my 'employment' for the discount. I finally get to some on-line chat where they ask if "retired military" means that I'm a veteran ??? Finally today, I get connected with a real person that gives me the info I need. Tells me that the people at the stores haven't been adequately trained (the only thing they can do is sell you a phone  - -  everything else earns an internet address or phone ## that directs you to a website !!! What insanity.

Enturprenturarial hint # 1: if starting a business, employ real people.
hint #2: train them.

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