Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Truth Be Told div

Well someone has finally mentioned the elephant in the room.
Sure 'nuf one of the Post's right-wingers took offense in her blog post. Which was countered with this.

Oh well, pot calling the kettle, etc.
At least Walt Pincus of the Post had the sense to tell the truth in his column this morning. Message here - we ain't a gonna get it.

Someone recently asked me if I was a fan of the Sunday "Talking Head" extravaganza where prominet folk in the news (usually John McCain) are lobbed softballs by highly paid "analysts" and well coiffed "journalists." There's usually one person from each "side" and they present the usual, scripted talking points no matter what the question might have been  - - - prediction: look for lots of this during this fall's Presidential "debates."
Short answer to the viewing question: No. I get as much from reading a recap.

It seems like journalism has fallen to the level of simply allowing anyone to say anything without calling them out when they're flat out wrong. This even applies to reporting on scientific issues. I can imagine that a new NASA report on the circumfrince  of the Earth will be accompanied by an opposing view from a member of the Flat-Earth Society.

I no longer make a concerted effort to call attention to much of the drivel that invades my in-box concerning the socialist, non-native African, anti-Christ, apologist President; the ever-increasing attack on freedom of religion (just one variety it seems); or just how many of "those people" who are out there just waiting to get "what's ours." Not to mention, "taking our country back"  - - from whom, I'm not really sure.

Remember that old saying': " My mind's made up, please don't confuse me with facts."
As Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: "You're entitled to your own opinions. You're not entitled to your own facts."

Listen closely when a question is asked. Was it answered ??? Was the evasion called and the question asked again ?? I hope you, gentle reader are able to discern the necessity.

It's gonna be a long, hard and very ugly slog to November

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