Friday, May 18, 2012

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Kinda been bombarded with information lately ....it's a wonder my bear brain don't explode sometimes.

Let's see  - -
JP Morgan Chase (a great big "bank,") lost a lot of money. Now, the rest of the 1% involved are mad.
maybe the solution  (as Duncan Black says : " is to give them more free money."

Mittens doesn't remember what he said, but he stands by it.  And some half-wit Super-Pac Billionaire wants to smear the President because of that black preacher in Chicago. So fucking what ??? I thought Mr. Obama was a Kenyan Muslim, so HTF could some "christian" preacher in Chicago have any influence on him ???? Why can't these people get their shit together in one sock ?? (and why are they billionaires if they are soooo stooped ??).

While out in Arizona, the politics get weird and weider (or is it dumb and dumber ??).

Speaking of billions,"Facething" is now selling stock. Huh ??? They don't make anything, duh !!!
 ( Unless, of course, you count the alchemy of turning a perfectly good noun - -  "friend'  - -  into a verb).
Along with that, one of it's "inventors" has decided that he really doesn't want to be a real 'Merican and a job creator. The Senate is mad, but maybe he'll renounce his choice just like Michele  - -  the dimwit serving on the other side of the white dome thingee.

Meanwhile, despite Jamie's problems over at Chase, nothing still on where the money went from MF Global. I'll bet you know just what the "MF" stands for, eh ???

Maybe we should have a consumer version of the "Stand Your Ground" law present in so many states. Imagine, when a company, corporation or individual "threatens" you (and remember, "Corporations are people, my friend") the threatened party can stand his ground and defend himself, his home, his property  and his family. Ah, but therein lies anarchy.

I'm sure the mini-bears will continue to bombard me with more "stuff and nonsense"  - -  need to find them a job (or girlfriends).

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