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Geography Div (Get Your Pencils out subsection)

Like Tengrain at Mock, Papers, Scissors often sez, for 1/5 of 1 point on the internet  exam contest (#2 pencils only), get busy ........... feel free to enlist any Hobbits nearby ..........

Based on the map of the imaginary world source 1.A, choose the incorrect statement in sub-questions 1.1 to 1.10. There is only one incorrect statement in each sub-task. Some of the statements refer to items a-i on Map 1.A. Correct answer 2 p., wrong answer 0 p., no answer 0 p.

1.1 Land cover 2 p.

  • There is one lake in the area.
  • Only the northern parts of the area are marshes.
  • There are no surface waters in Mordor.
  • The area is mainly covered by forest.

1.2 Topography 2 p.

  • Mountains separate Mordor from the rest of the map.
  • Minas Tirith (a) is located in the river valley between the mountains.
  • Mount Doom (b) is visible from the town of Minas Tirith (a).
  • Edoras © is located on the lower slopes of the mountain range.

1.3 River network 2 p.

  • The Ringló river (d) flows down to the southwest.
  • The Ringló river (d) is not a branch of the Anduin (e).
  • Anduin (e) flows from south to north.
  • Edoras © is in the catchment area of Anduin (e).

1.4 Weather and climate 2 p.

  • The weather in the Lebennin area is often warmed by warm downdrafts.
  • The climate of the Lebennin region is wetter than that of the Anórien region.
  • The prevailing wind direction in the Lebennin area is from the sea.
  • The seaside balances the temperatures in the Lebennin area.

1.5 Road network 2 p.

  • The road from Minas Tirith (a) to Edoras © passes through the forest in two places.
  • The area between Minas Tirith (a), Morannon (f) and the northern parts of Mordor has the densest road network on the map.
  • The road from Edoras © to the Ringlo river (d) is longer than the road to Mount Doom (b).
  • The southern part of Mordor has a dense road network.

1.6 Interactions between regions 2 p.

  • The southern part of Mordor is peripheral.
  • Morannon (f) is a key transport hub.
  • Edoras © is the northernmost town in the region.
  • From Edoras © to Minas Tirith (a) there is both a road and a water route.

1.7 Air directions 2 p.

  • Minas Tirith (a) is located west of Anduin (e).
  • From Minas Tirith (a), the bay shown on the map is to the south-west.
  • Minas Tirith (a) is located east of Mordor.
  • From Minas Tirith (a), Mount Doom (b) is to the north-east.

1.8 Scale 2 p.

  • A proportional scale would be more appropriate for this map, which can be zoomed in and out.
  • The scale line indicates how much distance on this map corresponds to 100 km in nature.
  • The scale line indicates that the area shown on this map is about 350 kilometres wide in a south-north direction.
  • The scale line indicates that if the width of this map in the east-west direction were 45 centimetres when printed, its scale would be 1:1 000 000.

1.9 Distances and areas 2 p.

  • Minas Tirith (a) is about 100 km from Mount Doom (b).
  • The distance from Minas Tirith (a) to the sea by river is less than 400 km.
  • The plateau south of Morannon (f), surrounded by steep mountains, is less than 2 500 km2 .
  • Nindalf (g) is about 3 000 hectares in size.

1.10 Elevation curves 2 p.

  • The highest point of the Ephel Duath mountain range (h) is about 800 m above sea level.
  • Nindalf (g) is less than 200 metres above sea level.
  • The summit of Mount Doom (b) is about 200 metres above the surrounding area.
  • In the mountain area designated as site (i), the western slope is gentler than the eastern slope.

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