Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sitting in that front seat Div

Today, Mrs Bear voiced her displeasure and utter bewilderment concerning the events of the past week.

I can't help but agree with her, but I said we have a front seat on history. How many people are allowed that? 
I remember a high school classmate telling me (while at Arizona State University) that President Kennedy had been killed.

I remember listening to the AFRTS broadcast of the Apollo 11 descent and landing on the moon while in a Minuteman ICBM Launch Control Center in central Montana.

I remember watching the Nixon hearings (to the aggravation of my crew mates) while sitting alert behind a nuclear strike aircraft at Minot AFB, ND.

I remember the consternation during the Iranian takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran and my fellow Officer's dismay when President Carter cancelled the B-1 bomber program.

I remember President Reagan being shot and having to replace the Presidential authenticators.

I remember the Beirut bombing and my Joint Staff USMC team chief being detailed to Lebanon (and his subsequent tales of recon missions with the Israelis).

911 ..... the employees asking me how, as a pilot, an airplane could possibly have struck one of the Towers ..... and then, watching the second one hit.
The Pentagon employee whose car failed to start who said he was so lucky and booked a trip to WDW.
Sitting on my deck under the final approach route to BWI and hearing nothing.

(I won't go into my surviving cancer or the death of my wife)

The three days of sleeplessness and anger when DJT was elected as President.

Watching the Republicans fail to consider any evidence and fail to convict him during impeachment.

Seeing an armed, angry mob attack our Capitol during a joint session of the Congress in order to upset the results of a duly constituted and administered election.

Watching his supporters scatter, like cockroaches exposed to a sudden light, attempt to justify, condone, support and deflect his seditious role in the insurrection and their role in it.

Like I said, having a front seat on history can be an honor ....... however fiightening. 

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  1. Thank you..well stated. One thing that I reflect on was the Cuban Missile crisis, and practicing hiding under our desks at school.