Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get Off My Lawn div (Meet the Press subsection)

Seems that Fluffy is upset with his neighbors:

David Gregory throws a fit over parking at D.C. Design House

Note to David Gregory: If cars are parked in front of your house for a month, send someone else to complain about it.
The “Meet the Press” host made a scene Tuesday when he lit into organizers of the D.C. Design House, located this year on Foxhall Road. The broadcaster was distressed that visitors to the show house had parked on a nearby street, some directly in front of his home, preventing easy access by his crew.
David Gregory earlier this year. (Photo by Jordan Strauss / Invision/AP)
David Gregory earlier this year. (Photo by Jordan Strauss / Invision/AP)
“There are a lot of people clogging up our streets,” Gregory told us late Tuesday.
It’s hard to miss the 6-foot-5 journalist under ordinary circumstances — harder yet when he’s waving his arms and complaining loud enough for everyone nearby to hear. This all went down on the front lawn of the show house, witnessed by several designers and guests at a media preview.
“You could hear all this with the doors closed,” said designer David Mitchell. “This was a very public and immature display. It’s a public street. You don’t get to live in a neighborhood and say who gets to park.”
Gregory said he wouldn’t describe the confrontation as “blowing up.” But, he acknowledged, “I did go over there to complain.” He said that he received no warning about the monthlong charity event (except for a large sign on the empty residence) and that he has contacted his local ANC commissioner. “I’m not happy about it and I hope it gets resolved.”
The parking situation has been tough lately: The French ambassador, temporarily relocated to the neighborhood during embassy renovations, recently hosted a large party. But Gregory flatly denied warning the show-house folks that he “knows all the politicians in town,” as witnesses claim.       (emphasis mine).
Show-house reps said they’ve done due diligence: posting signs, hiring guards, finding parking lots. The ANC board voted last week to restrict parking on one side of nearby streets — and neighbors are getting comped tickets to see the house.
Too bad he can't rouse any anger at the idiots he throws softball questions to on Sunday mornings, eh ??

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