Sunday, September 23, 2012

Differences ...... div

Over the past week several people have called attention to the differences faced in the upcoming election.

Much of this has been spurred by Willard's "inelegant" dismissal of 47% of the population and 'lil Buddy's tepid support by calling him "inarticulate." I'd simply label the ticket as inadequate.

Badtux commented on voting, Jim Wright on the treatment of veterans, Paul Krugman on the concept of what constitutes work. All illustrate the differences between Democrats and today's Republican parties.

The Democrats have always been prone to engage in a circular firing squad and incessant arguing. The Republicans seems pretty much to say "get in line and march." The Democrats, at least, seem willing to stop and consider a course of action and adjust a policy if necessary. The Republicans will cling to the same old talking points forever and plunge blindly on. The Democrats, once they get their shit together,  are pretty good at governing. The Republicans are great at running for office. The Democrats believe women are equal to men and should be treated appropriately. The Republicans are afraid of women and believe they should be controlled.
The Democrats admire "The Sermon on the Mount." The Republicans long for "the Revelation of St. John."

To sum it up: Dems want people to vote, Repubs want to limit the franchise. The Dems idea of "Supporting the Troops" is pay, benefits and help. The Repubs, spend money on the industry and keep the troops engaged. Dems support people who make "things."' Repubs believe in people that "make deals." Democrats are tolerant of other's beliefs. Republicans tolerate only their own.Democrats believe the future will be better. Republicans long for the past. Democrats believe that government is there to help and protect people. Republicans believe that government is unnecessary. I guess the late Molly Ivins said it best:

"I think government is a tool, like a hammer. You can use a hammer to build with or you can use a hammer to destroy with.Whether government is good or bad depends on what you use it for and how well you use it. On the whole, it's a poor idea to put people in charge of government who don't believe in using it."

We have a really important choice coming up in November. I know which way I'm paddling.

Nuf said .............

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