Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not Necessary div

Out Driving4$$ today. Beltway was a disaster, but had a nice party of high-schoolers coming to visit the GWTP - the chaperone tipped good.

All the news is about the President sticking his foot in his mouth. Seems to me that the "private sector" --with almost two trillion in the bank (and don't get me started about the banks) just sitting there-- is doing ok. Whatever are these rubes thinking ????????

I remember visiting Philadelphia and seeing some of the medallions on homes from the early "fire protection societies" (insurance companies). If you were insured, they protected you; if not, tough shit.
When did "public employees" such as firemen, police and teachers become the enemy. From everything I've seen over the past four years, they aren't the ones that crashed the economy, eh ??

Have you ever been sitting at home and had the phone ring and been greeted by a fund-raiser for the XYZ County Fire Department ( or Police, or State Patrol) ?? They're soliciting money for widows, orphans, scholarships, sports programs and so on; but it almost sounds like "... if you don't give, you may have to wait for a response." I guess it could be for real very soon.

It's ok, if you can afford it, right ?? We don't need no stinkin' libraries, we got Amazon or B&N, or iBooks  - - just buy it, eh ?? We don't need no public schools, we got University of Phoenix and charter schools; teach your own kids to read. Parks and recreation ??? Marriott and Sandals and Disney have  resorts where you're welcome to go and have a good time. Highways ??? Private toll roads are the answer, just don't tax our gasoline.
Everything that the "gubmint" does (or contributes to), the private sector can do better (and at least they'll make a profit). Those greedy incompetents in "government" are only slackers anyway.

Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle. What are we becoming ?????

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