Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Hits Div (Snowquestration subsection)

Snowing here in the environs of the GWTP, so had a nice read of the WaPo along with the coffee.

Yesterday, one couldn't go five minutes without listening to the varied and sundry predictions of how bad the storm would be. I'm sure that the local supermarkets were stripped of their bread, milk and toilet paper, which are the usual purchases. I cannot for the life of me (having lived on the Northern Plains for twelve years) figure out the mentality in this region for a snowstorm. It isn't like you are going to be isolated for weeks (and what nutritional value toilet paper holds continues to escape me).

Let's see  - -  the one thing hardly heard yesterday was about the continuing fiscal dilemma facing our ever-knowledgeable Congress. The visible TSA lines at the airports seemed to be small and moving. Perhaps it's because now you can carry a knife or a hockey stick through security (I'm not sure how well the hockey stick will fit into the overhead bin, but who cares  --  freedom WOOHOO !!). I'm not sure that this will make the lines move any faster, but can't help but wonder why folks still have to remove their shoes???? Seems to me that if there's one thing that slows down the "security" lines is the shoe fetish.

Former Congressman Bob Ney had some things (not nice) to say about Speaker Boehner in his new tell-all book. Seems that the Speaker hasn't progressed too far from the days when he passes out tobacco lobby bribes campaign checks out to members on the House floor years ago. At least he has his priorities straight.

The President doesn't seem to know how much Capitol janitors are paid.  Semms to me that considering the shitty people they have to clean up after, they don't get enough. Maybe if they were furloughed and the congresscritters had to carry out their own trash and scrub their toilets they might get the message.

Another Bush is making presidential noises. It's important to remember that he once was regarded as "the smart one." I'm not sure that the country is ready to vote for another one.

The NRA is encountering a little resistance from, of all places, the gun industry. I personally think that 100% background checks are a good idea. Yeah, I've heard all the negatives, but a little enforcement against those trying to skirt the system would go a long way. Perhaps the sponsorship of a
NASCAR race by the NRA (hopefully, Buckshot Jones will emerge from retirement to participate) will be able to overcome the backlash.

So much for the snowy days entertainment.

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