Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Been away from the cave for a few days (did manage to escape the festivities in and around the GWTP) but returned to find that the mini-bears had been surfing again and clamoring for more comments on this and that ........ oh well, let's see
First there's those Republicans down there in Virginny doin' that gerrymanderin' thing that they're becoming so good at. Seems that one of the high mucked-mucks asked the Lt Gov if he'd go along with the program, but was told no (since the VA senate is evenly divided, the LtGov is the tie-breaker). So then they wait for a state senator to go see Barry take the oath and do a quickie vote (on a Federal holiday at that -  can't say those state politicians ann't hard working, eh ?). The Gov sez he didn't know this was a gonna happen, but he ain't quite sure if it's a good or bad thing. (Remember, this is the guy that didn't think shoving something up an abortion candidate's privates was too bad).
When I was the XO of a unit, I made sure the boss knew what was going on (I might not attach names to events, but I damn well told him what folks were thinking and saying.

Subway sandwiches has declared war on the National Bureau of Standards !!! The "foot" has suddenly become eleven inches. (kinda like outlawing rulers in the house so the 'lil woman won't really know how much six inches is, eh?). Controversy started down under, but has spread to the States - now, law-suits are appearing.
On the teepee, I see them touting their "foot-long" pastrami. You know, they don't even have rye bread.  (And they're encouraging you to put pickles and other condiments on it too - haven't they ever heard of sauerkraut) ???  Who in the hell eats pastrami (or corned-beef for that matter) on anything BUT rye bread ?? Milton Berle once said, "Anytime a person goes into a delicatessen and orders a pastrami on white bread, somewhere a Jew dies." Then again, Subway can't be considered (by any stretch  of the imagination) a deli.

Up the road, a former Methodist preacher has found an alternative to divorce. Gives new meaning to the phrase "'til death do you part," eh?

Everyone's favorite aged rock-n-roller and dingbat patriot Ted Nugent has volunteered to lead the militia against something, somewhere, sometime soon. I think it involves black helicopters, the noise of which have caused something to rattle loose in Teddy's head ( or perhaps it's simply his tiny brain rattling around in there). Ted's worried someone's going to come and take away his guns ....... I'm worried someone isn't.

OK, there's a few things to keep ya busy. Hopefully the mini-bears will go back to sleep.

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